Welcome to the FPU WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) reaccreditation website. Every 7-10 years, higher education institutions go through the reaccreditation process. For the last three years we have been in the formal part of that process, and it will continue for nine months.  It requires that we think through the whole of our work—what we require of students, how we teach, how we support teaching and learning, whether we meet certain criteria, and most importantly what students learn, and how well they achieve the “student learning outcomes” defined by the Fresno Pacific University faculty. 

The process is designed to help each university in “continuous improvement” as an institution of teaching and learning, and to ensure quality in higher education throughout the WSCUC region. We are learning much about what we have accomplished and what we might want to try in the future. As you look through these pages, we hope you will learn something about the reaccreditation process and about the success students and professors experience at Fresno Pacific University.

My thanks to our faculty, staff, and administration who have worked so diligently to gather data and documents, analyze results, prepare reports, and critically review our work as a university at all levels. And my thanks to Dr. Cindy Carter, Associate Provost for Degree Completion and Institutional Effectiveness, and the Continuous Improvement Steering Committee for guiding the process and pulling together the work of multiple committees and efforts.

Below you will find the schedule for the upcoming Educational Effectiveness Review (EER) and team visit.

December 17, 2014: EER submitted to WSCUC

February 25-27, 2015: Team Visit

Stephen Varvis, PhD
Provost/Senior Vice President
WSCUC Accreditation Liaison Officer

“Faithfulness, Wisdom, Service” (Our Motto)